Dr. Idris- Hair Transplant Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Idris - Facial cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon Assistant Professor - NSVK College Bangalore Director: - Clinique - Bangalore Division Consultant Surgeon GM-Apollo Hospital, Bangalore 32 Smiles Chain, Bangalore.

He has done hair transplantation for thousands of patients including hundreds of dentists and doctors across the globe.

Hair transplant is one of the most common and successfully performed surgeries in the world of cosmetic segment.

The modern era of hair transplant in the western world started in late 1950’s when a New York based physician; Dr. Norman Orentreich began to experiment with free grafts to the balding area of people experiencing hair loss.

In last’ 70 years there has been a tremendous evolution in the field of hair restoration numerous techniques has been evolved and nomenclated differently.

But there only two basic surgical techniques of hair transplant irrespective of nomenclature. The techniques are: FUE & FUT

Hair transplant is the surgical process which aims to restore a more youthful appearance for those distressed by hair loss, particularly androgenetic alopecia. It is essential to have a sound knowledge of the surgery, and that is why you should know your best hair transplant surgeon in Bangalore, India

As one of the top-most ethical and safe places that perform hair transplant in Bangalore –Clinique International in headed by Dr.Idris

Dr.Idris –Facial cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon is a hardcore researcher, clinician, professor and promoter of minimally invasive surgeries .Dr.Idris presents a modern and scientific face of hair loss treatment .His global clinic in Bangalore is visited by patients from all over the world .

The quality which stands out is the Dr.Idris himself carries out the procedure will be easily available and responds to any query before and after the procedure.

Hair transplant cost in Bangalore?

Hair Transplnat cost in Bangalore is Rs. 60,000. Hair transplant cost in Bangalore varies from center to center. In our center the price starts from Rs 25/- per graft. We have listed the price so that everyone can opt us without compromising the standards of the surgical treatment. One of the main reason to choose our center for the surgery is the PRP sessions which are included in the packages .

Types of Hair transplant

The two most common techniques of hair transplant based on the follicular unit principles:-

a) Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

b) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE procedure involves extraction of the grafts individually from the donor area and the procedure takes considerable amount of time.

FUT procedure involves extraction of complete strip of skin from the scalp which is the dissected to individual grafts.

In our Bangalore center we mainly follow the FUE technique due to its main advantage of no scarring in the donor area and lesser recovery time

Who are eligible for hair transplant surgery in Bangalore India

There are various factors and criteria which have to be ideal to undergo an FUE and FUT hair transplant in Bangalore, India.

  • a) Age There is no age limit for the hair transplant surgery, but ideal candidate the one who is 20 years old, this age is set so that the patients who are younger than this may have premature hair loss .
  • b) Types of hair loss The type of hair loss plays a very important role in determining things eligibility for hair transplant surgery.
  • c) Good donor area Sufficient volume of donor hair follicles is required to obtain the desired results .
  • d) Texture of hair Patient having thick hair is usually preferred by the surgeon for the surgery.
  • e) Scalp flexibility Scalp Laxity helps in implanting the grafts easily. Hence flexible or loose scalp is significant factor in the eligibility criteria.

How is the hair transplant procedure carried out?

  • i) Trimming touchup if required, hair dye application if required
  • ii) Signing the consent form
  • iii) Hair line making and approval
  • iv) The scalp (Disinfecting the scalp)
  • v) Slit making
  • vi) Graft extraction
  • vii) Graft implantation
  • viii) Final tuning and levelling
  • ix) Dressing
  • x) Intravenous medication if required
  • xi) Scheduling post operative PRP appointments

What happens after the hair transplant?

Your transplanted area may sore and you may need to take the prescribed medications following the surgery such as :-

  • a) Analgesics (For pain relief)
  • b) Antibiotics
  • c) Anti inflammatory to reduce the swelling Most people can return to work several days of after the transplant. It is ideal to see the transplant hair to fall out 2-3 weeks after the procedure. This will make the way for new hair to growth. Many of the surgeons prescribe minoxidil or the hair growth medication like finasteride and also the multivitamin medication to stop the future hair loss.

How painful is the hair transplant?

When the word SURGERY comes PAIN travels alongside but thankfully hair transplantation is not a painful surgical procedure if operated by the right hands since the complete procedure is carried out under Local anesthesia. However, this does not mean there is no discomfort. Some discomfort might remain for just 2-4 days and diminishes gradually with every passing day .

However, the type of procedure can determine the level of pain felt. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is said to be more painful than Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE). This is due to the whole patch including hair follicle along with the skin of the scalp is incised from the healthy region and implanted into the area of hair loss. Whereas in FUT technique, each hair follicle is extracted using different sizes of punching blades and then implanted on deficient sites. With the advent of technology and very precise instruments , the pain intensity has come down drastically .

Normally our patients don’t even take painkillers post transplant but some patients can be little more sensitive than others and even if it happens , it is more of tenderness and less of pain . While the patient will still observe some post-surgical marks over the transplantation area. However, you are most likely to be free from pain & tenderness after 3-4 days all together.IF you are planning to undergo Hair transplant surgery, then there might be several questions in your mind like,

What if I feel more pain than other patients?

My pain threshold is very low, will I be able to bear pain?

What if my pain doesn’t go off?

Then, you need not to worry about the post operative pain.

Pain killers are prescribed by our surgeon to help relieve such pain which are to be taken for 4-5 days after the surgery. However most people do not need them for more than 1 day after the transplant though, which again shows how minimal the discomforts can be .

When you can start the treatment?

Pre-operative following steps are carried out

i) Proper clinical evaluation of the scalp conditions, donor area, quality of grafts, underlying medical conditions.

ii) Pre-operative the routine blood investigations If all the above are normal then patient is ready for surgery.