Hair Restoration Clinique

Clinique is super specialised Hair restoration Centre ,where each and every treatment related to hair is done at an affordable cost.This project is initiated by our Founder Dr.Bhavesh Gupta who is known in the Field of Hair restoration. Clinique Internationale's first Centre was in Mumbai, established in early 2000.As of now we are Placed at 3 locations in India; Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. Our centre caters to Client from all walks of Life. Over the period of years,Patient's reviews,client's logos,case studies and results have brought consistency to our work.Our team of surgeons work with finest technicians to design create and produce hair transplant result that we are proud of.

Core Values

Commitment & Consistency are the core values on which the members of our center work religiously.


Operative and followup of each and every case is maintained and timely reviewed by us to maintain the strict quality of cosmetic care delivered to our patients.


Happy patients






Specialist Awards